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I’m an experienced holistic medicine practitioner, and I believe that everyone can heal their body naturally. What and how we eat has a major of influence on our health. In a few sessions together you will discover which nutrition plan works for you and how to commit to this positive change for good.

Let your healing begin today !



I have helped hundreds of patients, and I look forward to meeting you.

Walking into my clinic, you can be assured of the highest standards of care and expertise.

We eat to live, but nutrition is more than mere survival. The food we eat will determine if we become strong, healthy, happy, calm or if we suffer from chronic infections, metabolic diseases, pain, overweight and so on.

At my clinic, patients receive several types of nutritional consultation:


- Anti-aging Nutrition: prescribed to healthy people who want to maintain their health and slow down the aging process of their cells.

- Balancing Diet:  prescribed to people who are usually healthy, but recently feel out of balance, developed new symptoms and are in need of recovery and stabilization (e.g. stomach flu, indigestion, headaches etc.)

Nutrition for Weight Loss

-  Nutrition for Weight Loss

Healing and Curing Diet

Nutrition for Weight Loss
  • Prescribed to people suffering from chronic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal infections, arthritis, etc.) The goal here is first of all hygiene, ie. preventing harmful foods from aggravating the illness and suffering.

  • Secondly, there are foods that can help reduce inflammation and allergies, improve absorption and digestive problems, regenerate tissues, strengthen the immune system, balance metabolic issues, etc. In this case the menu is adjusted according to the patient, his needs, the diseases he suffers from, and his willingness to change his lifestyle. Most of us know that processed food (full of flavorings, salt, sugar, food coloring and preservatives) is harmful to our health, but consume it anyway. It’s  especially hard to change these habits in old age, and that's why it's important to start with the kids.

1 treatment

400 NIS

400 NIS

5 treatments package

1500 NIS

300 NIS

In our era there is a lot of information available on the internet: what is healthy, what is recommended, and what is harmful. But this information is controlled by corporations with their own interest in mind. Food producers advertise the word “healthy” on snacks, dairy products, sweets and so on. All this in order to deceive innocent people into purchasing and consuming industrialized foods that are full of preservatives.


If so, what is healthy food? In fact it’s what your ancestors used to eat about 4-5 generations ago. Healthy food has always been and remains fresh vegetables and fruit, that are not genetically modified, and not sprayed to the point of being poisonous to eat.


There are common rules that everyone once knew: firstly, to consume as little sugar, coffee and alcohol as possible. As far as proteins go – it’s better to eat a moderated amount of fish, chicken, lamb and beef. When your digestion is weak and you often feel fatigue, cooked and hot food is recommended. In summer one should eat more light foods in the form of salads and raw fruit and vegetables, while in winter stews and soups are preferrable. Wherever you are, you should try to eat local food - it usually has the "cure" for the local diseases.

Nutrition for Weight Loss

During our treatment, we will try to understand together what your main difficulty is, and what causes it. You will learn which life-saving changes can be made in your lifestyle. During the consultation we will talk about how to overcome obstacles and persevere in the new way of living, when there are so many harmful temptations around us.


Dietary change is usually not something temporary. You want to avoid losing weight and gaining it all back again after 3 months. A change of perception needs to happen, so that the relationship with our body and the way we nourish ourselves can improve.


Over the years I have treated girls who suffered from emotional problems manifested in their body image and food intake, such as bulimia and anorexia. Many women suffer from emotional eating, but today it’s become more common in men as well. A combination of conversation, guided meditation, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and a tailored diet made the difference and I helped many young women break the vicious cycle of harmful emotional eating.


The main cause of illness in our time is obesity, excessive consumption of sugar (sweets and pastries), foods high in salt and preservatives, and substances that are not considered appropriate for eating (petroleum in olives, margarine, carcinogenic food coloring, toxic sprays on vegetables and fruit, antibiotics and hormones in milk and eggs, nitrites in meat, etc.) Patients who come to me understand the meaning of their illness and their part in its formation. They take responsibility, change their lives and recover.

Чайный набор


—  Shelly Hazut

I highly recommend Yaron for acupuncture treatments, especially for young children and pregnant women. I came to Yaron with my 3-year old son for Hopi candles, as he had some fluid in the ears. My second baby of just 1-year old had a significant hearing problem. We had a few acupuncture treatments and both problems totally went away. My kids, who are usually afraid of all doctors, were so relaxed and didn’t feel a thing! I also recommend all pregnant women to see Yaron, if you have any issues during your pregnancy. When I was 8-month pregnant, I suffered from a severe back pain, to an extent that I couldn’t walk anymore. After a few acupuncture sessions, I was pain free and went back to a normal life. I wholeheartedly recommend Yaron Jakob as a top expert in Chinese Medicine who helps keep the body healthy and strengthen the immune system. And most importantly, Yaron is extremely gentle and sensitive, especially with children of all ages. ” 


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