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New Patients

New Patients

Guidelines for first time Chinese medicine treatments:

You have chosen to begin a healing process with Chinese medicine, a process in which your lifestyle and health will change. When you receive an acupuncture treatment, you actually allow your body to be connected to an inner source that knows how to create harmony, both in body and soul, and restore natural healing in your body. The treatment process takes about 10-20 treatments depending on the problem and how long it exists. The first treatments will be once a week and after 4-6 treatments the frequency will be once every two or three weeks. As in any process, while you will notice many benefits and feel a relief, in some cases you might experience exacerbation, which indicates a longer healing process is required. Acupuncture affects the nervous system, digestive system, circulating hormones and blood, i.e. all the systems and organs in the body.

If this is your first experience of Chinese medicine, there are several important things to know:

On the phone call I will ask for your email and date of birth, and then I will send you a questionnaire, which you need to send back after filling up all the details.

• You should always come to the treatment about 10 minutes before time, in order to not delay other patients or feel stressed in case you are late, for example, if you did not find parking right away.

• Please wear comfortable and thin loose clothes (not skinny jeans). You can also bring clothes for the treatment with you and change in the clinic.

• The first treatment is essentially a diagnosis, so it is important to arrive without makeup, and nail polish, so I can conduct facial and nail diagnosis.

• It is OK to eat before the treatment and it is important not to be without food for more than 8 hours. Do not drink alcohol or smoke drugs before any treatment. It is also better not to smoke a cigarette for at least two hours.

• For patients suffering from pain, if possible, please don't take pain relief medications before the treatment.

• During the treatment I will ask you questions about your medical history, lifestyle, daily routine, diet, habits, hobbies, and conduct relevant tests and diagnosis of Chinese medicine -  body diagnosis, facial diagnosis, nail diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and pulse diagnosis (not necessarily all these tests together are needed).

• The acupuncture treatment is usually taking place while lying on a bed. I will choose 3-5 points, rarely will there be a need for more. The acupuncture itself is not painful. Sometimes one might feel a pinch for a few seconds, and then the magic begins. Those patients who have not eaten all day or have unbalanced diabetes may experience a mild dizziness, which will disappear within 3 minutes or so.

• While it is not always possible to feel a dramatic change after the first treatment, many patients do feel better right away, and call us “magicians”.

• The more the patient is devoted to the process - that is, they will not object to it - the faster the benefits will come.

• It is important to understand that the therapist cannot cure the patient who does not want to be cured, so reciprocity is very important, as is the "homework".

• After the treatment, we take a break for a period of up to 7 days until the next treatment, and in cases of severe pain - up to 3 days. Of course, we will be in touch by telephone. It's important to keep me updated about new symptoms or anything that might concern you.

• In some cases, the pain can worsen in the first treatments, because I will deal with the painful and inflamed areas.

• Patients receive "homework": food menu and physical activity recommendations (stretching, movement), breathing exercises, and so on. For those patients who keep up with their homework, the pain will pass faster and they will need fewer treatments overall.

The day of the treatment:

• Do not get other treatments (chiropractor, acupuncture, dry acupuncture, homeopathic treatments, Bach flowers, massage, physiotherapy, or dental care). A combination of different treatments can disrupt the process or worsen the pain.

• Reduce the coffee consumption and avoid alcohol. Eat light meals (preferably with less animal protein). Avoid harmful foods including processed and industrial products, saturated with sugar and salt.

• It is recommended to drink plenty of water, but not cold - room temperature or hot.

• Rest, breathe deeply and try to be relaxed.

• It is best to move lightly or take short walks, especially an hour or so after the meal, which would be very helpful. Sitting for longer than an hour slows down the internal flow of blood liquid and qi, so it is recommended to get up every hour and move a little bit.

• Be sure to go to sleep on time and sleep for at least 8 hours. Sleeping during the day is less effective.

• Sexual activity should be avoided if possible, one day before treatment and 2 days after. 

• Try to avoid stress as much as possible.

• In order for treatments to be effective, persistence with the planned sessions is important, for at least the first 5 treatments.

• Once the problem has improved or disappeared, it is recommended to have preventive or conservative treatments once every two months.

• It is recommended to do a relaxing and enjoyable activity, walking in a park, along the sea coast, or a quiet garden after the treatment. You can do meditation, yoga, qigong - all highly recommended. It is very important to take time out for yourself to allow your body and mind to recover.

• In case of any problem or question, you can contact me. Please send a message if I am busy with treatments and cannot answer.

The healing is in our hands. The pain tells us where a disharmony has been created, and if we listen to the pain while it’s light, we will not reach a situation where the pain becomes impossible to handle. If we learn not to fear the pain, we will understand how to heal ourselves effortlessly and quickly.

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