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Facial Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture is a subspecialty in Chinese medicine that aims to treat and nurture the appearance of facial skin, hair and neck.​ If you want to look 5-10 years younger, come to my clinic for a series of 15-20 facial acupuncture treatments, combined with special herbs and supplements. I guarantee that you will feel the difference and enjoy many compliments.

Anti-Aging Cosmetology

Anti-Aging Cosmetology

 I have helped thousands of patients, and I look forward to meeting you.

Walking into my clinic, you can be assured of the highest standards of care and expertise.

Cosmetic acupuncture is an anti-aging treatment known to the Chinese for centuries. Emperors, their wives and the nobility in the emperor's court used these treatments to maintain a healthy, vital and youthful appearance.


Just like with a regular acupuncture treatment, at first I diagnose the patient with the help of facial diagnosis, tongue and pulse diagnosis. During a facial diagnosis we are looking at such signs as scars, darkness under the eyes, pigmentation, wrinkles, or poor blood flow. The treatment in this case will be systematic and local.


Darkness under the eyes usually indicates weak kidney and liver activity. So by stimulating the acupuncture points along the legs and arms, we aim to strengthen the kidneys and the liver, so that the darkness will disappear. In addition I treat specific acupuncture points on the face to improve the local blood flow, boost the production of collagen and skin elasticity.

Anti-aging facial acupuncture treatment
Facial cosmetology and antiaging acupunc

Facial acupuncture has a highly beneficial effect on the skin, muscles, blood circulation and thus improves the recovery of many skin problems such as acne, seborrhea, redness and so on. The treatment is especially effective for young women and can quickly help remove fine lines, wrinkles, small scars, marks, pigmentation and so on. In older women it is also possible to slow down the aging process of the skin, tone up the muscles, blur small wrinkles and lift up the sagging tissues, making the skin more radiant and smooth.


As part of the treatment I always combine a facial massage with special essential oils and stimulate the blood circulation with small silicone cups, jade roller, and pin roller in order to get rid of accumulations of toxins and refresh the tired skin. Later on I apply extra thin disposable needles in the area of ​​facial expression lines, key muscles and acupuncture points that also affect the blood circulation. The last thing will be a refreshing mask that matches your personal skin type (oily, dry, combination or sensitive).

After an hour of treatment patients feel their face tingle a bit, and the skin looks tonified and radiant. Young women who come to me for facial acupuncture also report that their menstrual cycle became less painful. Many say they no longer suffer from headaches, back pains or fatigue. Among other benefits they note improvements in memory and even a better mood.


Before deciding to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon and injecting facial fillers and Botox into your face, please remember there is another way to look and feel good. Cosmetic acupuncture is a powerful anti-ageing treatment, which is 100% natural alternative. It can be part of your regular self-care ritual that promotes relaxation and peacefulness, which is good for both the body and the mind.

1 treatment

350 NIS

350 NIS

5 treatments package

1500 NIS

300 NIS

Чайный набор


—  Shelly Hazut

I highly recommend Yaron for acupuncture treatments, especially for young children and pregnant women. I came to Yaron with my 3-year old son for Hopi candles, as he had some fluid in the ears. My second baby of just 1-year old had a significant hearing problem. We had a few acupuncture treatments and both problems totally went away. My kids, who are usually afraid of all doctors, were so relaxed and didn’t feel a thing! I also recommend all pregnant women to see Yaron, if you have any issues during your pregnancy. When I was 8-month pregnant, I suffered from a severe back pain, to an extent that I couldn’t walk anymore. After a few acupuncture sessions, I was pain free and went back to a normal life. I wholeheartedly recommend Yaron Jakob as a top expert in Chinese Medicine who helps keep the body healthy and strengthen the immune system. And most importantly, Yaron is extremely gentle and sensitive, especially with children of all ages. ” 


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