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& Chinese Medicine

Heal your body, naturally. I’m an experienced Acupuncture Therapist and a firm believer

in a holistic approach to healing. The human body is made up of the mind, body, and spirit.

All three must be in working order, so that a free flow of energy is achieved.

Let your healing process begin today.



Visit my Acupuncture Clinic in Tel Aviv or Rishon LeZion

to start a happier, healthier life

While studying Chinese Medicine I took my mom to get an acupuncture treatment by my teacher Adi Goldenberg. Back then my mother had been suffering for a long time from strong migraines and uterus myoma. She tried just about everything Western medicine could offer without much success. After about 13 treatments both conditions… disappeared! This was the first and one of the many following miracles of the power of acupuncture that I witnessed. Today my patients see weekly miracles in my clinic: back pains, stiff neck, menstruation cramps are the problems that get solved especially quick. 

Acupuncture, a system of over 3000 years old is widely practiced today in hospitals and clinics in almost every medical field: to cure and prevent digestive problems, immune system issues, women's health conditions and infertility, insomnia, pain, allergies, hormonal disbalances, skin problems, neurological issues and much more. 

Dr Yaron's Acupunture & Chinese Medicine
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Acupuncture is also well known to be preventative medicine with rejuvenating and anti-aging effects on the body, mind, and spirit. Many books have been written about remarkable healing benefits of weekly or monthly acupuncture treatments to prevent immune system deficiencies and degenerative weaknesses onsetting with old age. There is a saying to come to a doctor when you're sick is like putting a seed in the ground when you're hungry.

Today we use the knowledge of secret anti-aging techniques in cosmetic acupuncture, that once kept the Chinese emperors' wives young looking and healthy with radiating skin and hair.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are the most researched field in alternative medicine. It is proven to be safe, effective and 100% natural. Please check FAQ and Resources page for more information.

1 treatment

350 NIS

350 NIS

3 treatments package

900 NIS

300 NIS

10 treatments package

2800 NIS

280 NIS

Acupuncture for children

Visit my Acupuncture Clinic in Tel Aviv or Rishon LeZion

to start a happier, healthier life

Treating children is completely different from treating adults, because babies don’t communicate very well and even older children often are not able to accurately describe what’s wrong. Unlike the Western medicine, in Chinese medicine we use an ancient way of diagnosis according to the physical appearance (face diagnosis, palm diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and, of course pulse diagnosis.) Put together with the symptoms that parents describe, we can understand what causes the child’s disease or disbalance.

Kids react to treatments very quickly and recover from their illnesses after fewer sessions than adults because they had less exposure to Western medicine, and their abilities to overcome things are truly amazing.

baby acu2.jpg

My approach in life is “less is more”, which means less needles, less treatments, but being more accurate in my diagnosis and my treatments. This has proven to bring the best results. I use Seirin needles, which are extremely thin Japanese needles which are painless. Most of the time babies and children don’t feel the needles at all, but still react great to the treatments.

Many little patients get treated for such issues as teething discomfort, stomach reflux and ingestion, constipation, skin disorders, repeating ear infections (often caused by the teething), slow development and more.

Usually the treatments for kids and babies last between 20 seconds to 3-5 minutes according to their age, problem and cooperation. They will consist of a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs plus a 30-minute nutritional consultation.

1 treatment (age 0-2)

150 NIS

1 treatment (age 3-13)

200 NIS

1 treatment (age 14-18)

250 NIS

Home visits

Visit my Acupuncture Clinic in Tel Aviv or Rishon LeZion

to start a happier, healthier life

Sometimes patients have difficulty getting to the clinic. They might have a strong back pain and they cannot get out of bed, or they are seriously sick and restricted in movement. Some are unable to arrive due to an accessibility problem, others might be hospitalized… In these cases I can come over to the patient’s place for a home visit. Treatment at the patient's home include questioning, diagnosis, acupuncture or other Chinese medicine treatment, nutritional counseling and so on. I am always willing to help patients and get to their home or hospital if necessary to alleviate their suffering.

Home acupuncture treatment in Tel Aviv.J

1 treatment

400 NIS

400 NIS

5 treatments package

1800 NIS

360 NIS

Чайный набор


—  Shelly Hazut

I highly recommend Yaron for acupuncture treatments, especially for young children and pregnant women. I came to Yaron with my 3-year old son for Hopi candles, as he had some fluid in the ears. My second baby of just 1-year old had a significant hearing problem. We had a few acupuncture treatments and both problems totally went away. My kids, who are usually afraid of all doctors, were so relaxed and didn’t feel a thing! I also recommend all pregnant women to see Yaron, if you have any issues during your pregnancy. When I was 8-month pregnant, I suffered from a severe back pain, to an extent that I couldn’t walk anymore. After a few acupuncture sessions, I was pain free and went back to a normal life. I wholeheartedly recommend Yaron Jakob as a top expert in Chinese Medicine who helps keep the body healthy and strengthen the immune system. And most importantly, Yaron is extremely gentle and sensitive, especially with children of all ages. ” 


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