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As a senior therapist in Chinese medicine with over 20 years of experience, I give lectures (in Hebrew and English), and workshops on a variety of topics: natural healing, man and nature, body and mind, treating chronic pain, dealing with depression and anxiety, conceiving naturally, treating and curing chronic diseases and more.


In the workshops, I share the knowledge I have gained during my many years of work as a therapist for different physical and emotional problems: as a Chinese and macrobiotic nutritionist, as a therapeutic guide for teenagers in welfare institutions, as an MDA medic and as a teacher in Chinese Medicine colleges.

The topics are divided by age groups:


For teenagers:

  • A balanced diet for maintaining weight

  • Detoxification - for weight loss, skin care, digestive problems, etc.

  • Mindfulness meditation for dealing with stress and anxiety

  • Strengthening the physical and mental immune system

  • Menstrual cramps, hormonal changes

  • What is Buddhism? What is the source of suffering?


For young couples:

  • Fertility and infertility - conceiving naturally

  • Hormones and emotions, what motivates us

  • Treatment of emotional eating

  • Taking control over your anxiety

  • Avoiding surgeries and medications

  • Pain as your guide for healing


For seniors citizens:

  • Nutrition is a medicine

  • Qigong as a way of healing and relaxation

  • Awaken the joy

  • Medicines from nature

  • Anti-aging to live a good life


I also do lectures on the following topics:

  • Healthy nutrition - how to heal with the help of nutrition.

  • Nutrition and diet is not just food: changing habits and thought patterns to treat emotional eating.

  • Accumulation of physical, emotional and mental toxins as a cause of illness.

  • Stress - the plague of the modern world. Why are we under stress, pressure and anxiety? And how can we learn to let go and relax?

  • The handmaid's tale - the story of the 2000s. Why do so many women and men suffer from infertility? And what can be done about it?

  • Back to the healthy routine - treatment and cure of chronic diseases: allergies, sleep problems, mood swings, poor immune system, digestive problems, rehabilitation after surgery and more. How to get back to a healthy life?

  • Take control over your anxiety - what are the causes of anxiety? How can it be overcome with natural treatments? What is mindfulness?

  • Sex and sexuality - decreased sexual function, decreased sexual desire, sexual frustration, and infidelity. Why is this happening to us?

  • Treating and healing. Why are we sick? Why was no one healed? What is the difference between treatment and healing?

  • What is natural healing? How can it be stimulated to heal?

  • Healing the body through mind therapy - what is the connection between the body and the mind? How can we learn to be healed?

For more details please contact me directly (call or WhatsApp 0522680116)

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