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Guided Meditation

Learn to reconnect with yourself, understand your feelings and heal deep traumas.


Guided meditation is a connection between the two worlds, the East and the West, where meditation meets hypnosis. It is a method of focusing on the breathing and body sensations in order to reach a state of relaxation, confidence and freedom.


Guided imagination makes it easier for us to go inside and touch sensitive places, to shed healing light on the pain buried there, and to free ourselves from its grip.

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

I have helped thousands of patients, and I look forward to meeting you.

Walking into my clinic, you can be assured of the highest standards of care and expertise.

For many years I felt disconnected from myself. Adolescence for me was a period of struggle. I did not know what exactly was wrong, but I felt uncomfortable with my body and my life. That led me to my search for self-healing.


When I started studying Chinese medicine in 1996, we learned among other things Shiatsu, Qi gong, various relaxation techniques, and guided meditation. I met wonderful teachers and therapists, thanks to whom I began the journey of reconnecting to my body and emotions.


There are many techniques for healing through breathing, including NLP, reversing, meditations with “conscious” breathing and so on. When we are relaxed we can allow ourselves to connect to the emotions we have repressed deep within us, and finally let things go without experiencing terror or paralysis. 

Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation

After personally receiving the amazing healing by my friend and therapist Nadav Ben Yehuda, the author of “Walking the 10 paths of self-healing”, I participated in Brandon Bays' transformational workshop called “The Journey”. I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to give it a try.

Guided meditation is a method of focusing on the breath and body sensations in order to reach a state of relaxation, confidence and freedom. When a person is in a place of relaxation, we can sail together into the world of imagination and memories that are within the consciousness and subconsciousness to heal the traumas of the past and release its grip on our lives.

Breathing is a key with which we can open the door to our subconscious and bring healing to the injured place. In Hebrew the word “breath” and “soul” are the same, the evidence of the sacred connection between body and spirit. Our breathing changes in extreme situations to protect us. Using specific breathing techniques we can help us return to these places and repair the damage done to us.

Guided meditation is a wonderful treatment for emotional problems like depression, anxiety, and anger, but also physical problems such as headaches, infertility, indigestion, high blood pressure, stress, sleep problems and so on. It can also be highly effective for practicing forgiveness and true self-love.


This treatment is suitable for all ages and it’s completely safe. You can not be made do things against your will, and you always feels calm, safe and in control.


I invite any person who has gone through trauma, loss or break-up at any age, and has difficulty moving on in their lives, to come to a meeting with me and experience this amazing treatment that will ease your pain and free you from the grip of the past.

Guided meditation in English and Hebrew

1 treatment

350 NIS

350 NIS

3 treatments package

900 NIS

300 NIS

Чайный набор


—  Shelly Hazut

I highly recommend Yaron for acupuncture treatments, especially for young children and pregnant women. I came to Yaron with my 3-year old son for Hopi candles, as he had some fluid in the ears. My second baby of just 1-year old had a significant hearing problem. We had a few acupuncture treatments and both problems totally went away. My kids, who are usually afraid of all doctors, were so relaxed and didn’t feel a thing! I also recommend all pregnant women to see Yaron, if you have any issues during your pregnancy. When I was 8-month pregnant, I suffered from a severe back pain, to an extent that I couldn’t walk anymore. After a few acupuncture sessions, I was pain free and went back to a normal life. I wholeheartedly recommend Yaron Jakob as a top expert in Chinese Medicine who helps keep the body healthy and strengthen the immune system. And most importantly, Yaron is extremely gentle and sensitive, especially with children of all ages. ” 


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